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Scottish & Southern Electric is a UK based company focused on the provision of gas and electric energy in the UK. Scottish & Southern Electric is the second largest supplier of electricity and natural gases and boasts being the largest generator of renewable energy. Scottish & Southern Electric has almost 4 million customers in central southern England and northern Scotland. Handling such a large number of clients comes with merits and challenges as well. Scottish & Southern Electric is aware of the complaints likely to arise from unhappy customers due to inevitable shortcomings in the services that they provide. As a result, SSE has employed more than 20,000 staff members to provide services and handle customers’ complaints. SSE has also made a provision of a quality customer care service that interacts with clients and offers assistance whenever queries or complaints arise.

Call our SSE contact number today, and get connected through to the main Scottish & Southern Electric customer services line.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call SSE directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

SSE Customer Services0800 980 8476
SSE Hydro0141 248 3000
Join SSE0345 026 2658
SSE Arena028 9076 6000
SSE Energy Meter0345 026 7039
SSE retentions0800 980 8476
SSE freephone number0800 980 8476
SSE emergency numbersClick here

SSE account number0345 026 2658
SSE business0800 389 4466
SSE sheild0345 076 7646
SSE Broadband0345 071 9498
SSE Boiler Breakdown0345 076 7646
SSE MPANClick here
SSE Warm Home Discount0800 622 838

SSE Contact Number

The nature of products and services provided by SSE can be catastrophic in case of an accident in their use. As a result, SSE has provided a customer-friendly means that clients can use to reach the company in case of a fault in the services provided. Scottish & Southern Electric can be reached via their phone number (0345 071 7800) from Monday to Saturday. Scottish & Southern Electric phone number is functional from Monday to Friday; 8am to 8pm and 8am to 2pm on Saturdays. Apart from electricity and natural gases, SSE also provides broadband and phone services to its clients in the UK. In some instances, there may be a downtime in the internet connection or a fault on the telephone lines. Customers are in a position to call SSE contact number for a speedy rectification of the problem.

SSE Customer Services

Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the services offered by SSE. However, there are still some clients that feel that the products and services offered by SSE are not worth the amount they are paying for. On different online platforms, some customers have expressed their dissatisfaction citing SSE customer services’ incompetency in solving their complaints. A client rants on a online platform of two occurrences that made him feel unsatisfied with SSE’s customer care services. First, the SSE customer care representative sent the client three different addresses that apparently were to be the delivery points of his card. However, on visiting the three addresses on different occasions, no gas card was available. On the second occasion, The SSE care services informed the client that they would send out an engineer to his house and call him 30 minutes before arrival as the client would be away from the premises. This was never to happen as the engineer did not show up, neither did he call the client for any information regarding the failed turn-up. The clients expressed his disappointed regarding the manner in which the SSE customer care representatives handled his case vowing to ditch the SSE services for an alternative company.

Another client ranted on the same online platform terming SSE’s services as “daylight robbery.” The client that resides in Atlantic lamented about his escapade when he tried leaving SSE. Apparently, the client had paid £485 for electricity but SSE informed him that he still owed the company £403. The client felt that he was facing an unfair double-charge since he was ditching SSE’s electricity services. The client described SSE customer services as of little help and were unwilling to drop the extra charge that would accumulate if not paid on time. The client had no choice but to pay for the extra cost but warned potential and current SSE’s clients to be prepared about a re-occurrence of a similar ordeal when trying to leave SSE.

SSE Online Customer Care Services

The need to meet cater for the needs of all clients has compelled Scottish & Southern Electric to come up with alternative communication means that clients can reach the company for queries and complaints. This has been made possible by SSE providing a website ( where customers can acquaint themselves with the products and services being offered by the company. The Scottish & Southern Electric website provides detailed information on the services and products offered by the company and the numbers to call for queries and complaints. The website acts a good decision making platform whereby a potential customer is able to go through all the products and services offered and compare with those offered by SSE’s competitors. The website also offers information that clients require and can only call SSE in case the information is not clear and need clarification.

SSE customer care services have also been extended to social media platforms like Twitter,, and on Facebook, These social media platforms provide a much easier and cheaper means of reaching the SSE’s customer care as compared to phone calls. Unlike in the case of online review platforms where SSE customer care may be unaware of the discussion going on, the social media provides an immediate alert from responses whenever a client posts or tweets a complaint. As a result, Scottish & Southern Electric customer care can offer an immediate response and offer a solution before the company’s reputation is damaged.

Clients that had their complaints not attended to via phone calls or emails, the social media platforms provides a better open field where they can air their complaints to the public. This gives them support from other clients in the social media that had a similar experience with SSE. The power of social media due to the support received from other unhappy clients leaves SSE with no alternative than to handle the complaints on the public platform and give feedback on the same. The online platforms also act as a reference point where potential clients can go through the reviews left behind by other clients before making a decision to settle for SSE services. The social media platforms also compel SSE to handle customer complaints in a speedy and amicable way on phone before they escalate to social media where the company’s reputation is at hand.

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SSE Head Office contact address

Scottish and Southern Electric
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200 Dunkeld Road

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For any company, customer service is probably its most vital organ. Customer care service can be used for a number of reasons ranging from simple consultations to the most unfortunate which is ending relationship with the company. Here are the most common uses of customer care service.

Forward a Complaint


Customer care service forms an important channel to air various complains. It could be a case of rude conduct from some of the employees or agents, inadequate services or even wrong product delivery. The complaint could also be a case of late delivery of service or goods, poor customer handling such as transferring calls from one customer service agent to another or even unintended mistakes that occur during service delivery.


Buy a Product

For companies that offer online sale or delivery of goods, customer care service can be used to place an order for any given product. Customers can contact the service center for directions on where to receive an item they have purchased. On the other hand, it could be used to cancel purchase or delivery of a product. For those companies that offer high-end services such as air transportation, it may be used to book for flights prior to the day of travel.


Request for Service Improvement

Customers may use a customer care service to correct a situation in the company that they find not satisfactory. Customers are welcome to make suggestions which are intended to improve the company’s ways of doing things. In a hotel situation, for instance, one may call to suggest a way in which the accommodation of the hotel can be improved. Such calls may be rare but regular clients might see it necessary to inform the management so that the facilities can be improved.


Report Delivery Issues

For online sellers, many are times when a customer experiences problems such as delivery of a good they had not ordered, incorrect quantities, damaged products or worse no goods delivered at all. It could also be a case of missing receipts that are required to accompany the products during delivery. In such instances, customer care services come in handy if you want to report the problem.


Start or End Trade Relationships

Potential customers or investors may contact a customer care service if they intend to start a relationship with the company. In such a case they tend to ask questions about the company to know how it operates and how services and goods are delivered. Such communication is crucial because the person calling to make inquiries may be a future customer of the company. For this reason, customer care agents are required to have patience with each caller.

Similarly, a customer may contact a company for the most unfortunate reason: to end a trade relationship with the company. Such a situation may arise if the company is unable to reach the customer’s needs in any of its sectors. The kind of service delivery or the customer care service itself may fail to meet the client’s demand, leading to termination of service delivery. A customer may also cut ties with a service provider if he/she has completed a project successfully and would no longer need the help of the distributor.


Solve a Problem

Customer care service comes in handy if you want to solve a problem. It may be a difficulty in use of a product, especially electronics. Another instance may be the issue of a recurring invoice while the actual payment has been done. In truth, customer care service forms an easy route to solve a problem at the least expensive cost.



Competitor firms and companies may use a customer service unit to spy on a rival company’s strategies. Such people ask questions in pretense of being interested customers and end up getting useful information which may help cripple their competitors. A company should be aware of the kind of information they share via phone or emails so as to keep away malicious callers.